BetterMy.Biz is a collaborative initiative of
B.A. Stewart Consulting, Edward James Consulting Ltd. and wiserSolutions.

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We are all members of the Strongly Sustainable Business Model Group (SSBMG), a knowledge mobilization initiative of the Ontario College of Art and Design University’s Strategic Innovation Lab.  The SSBMG is undertaking projects to bring to market tools and knowledge that help small and medium business successfully adopt and benefit from profitable sustainability practices.   In addition to an active program of research and practice, the group meets monthly: details when you join the SSBMG forum on LinkedIn.

Our Vision

  1. A world where business no longer only attempts to do less harm,
    but instead sets as its goal the flourishing of human and other life.

Our Mission

Enabling business to achieve this audacious goal fulfills our commitment to
ourselves and future generations

  1. To use the power of business to enable human and other life to flourish on this planet forever: financially rewarding, socially beneficial and environmentally regenerative.

Our People

Better Business Coach

Harvey Weisfeld, HEP

Holistic Experiential Psychotherapist

Better Business Architect

Antony Upward, MES, CMC

Masters of Environmental Studies  (MES) & Certified Management Consultant (CMC)

Better Strategic Advisor

Bruce A. Stewart, MA, CEAP*

* Cognitive Edge Accredited Practitioner (CEAP)


I am an experienced, professional advisor for the leaders of small organizations that want to flourish and prosper. I provides ongoing strategic and risk advice, strengthening the team by taking on key transformation projects, while keeping the organization from falling into the trap of events, or losing sight of its core values in the crisis of the day.

I have, over my 40 year career, risen to CEO of a publicly-traded company, advised the executives of the globe’s top 500 corporations, written over 1,000 columns and research advisory briefs, founded an industry association, served on multiple boards, and nurtured many companies from idea to prospering business.

From deep strategy and business design, to guiding leaders through operational crises and a loss of belief that they can stick to their principles and thrive, I help organizations to resilient success.

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I help purposeful businesses to innovate, strengthen operations and grow profits. I supports business leaders to flourish to discover new possibilities and break free from flawed assumptions and beliefs that control their lives and confine their organizations.  

I strive to integrate his 25 years as a practical entrepreneur, my training in holistic experiential psychotherapy and applied Zen to help leaders find new opportunities and deeper purpose.

For the past 8 years, I have coached and consulted with numerous small businesses — bringing to life my ethical vision for better business.

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I help business leaders design innovative, strongly sustainable, business models that reflect their values and improve their financial performance. 

I draw on my 22 years of experience designing and implementing transformational projects for firms across North America and Europe.
I recently completed 3 years of graduate research in business model design and sustainability.

I am a co-founder of the Strongly Sustainable Business Model Group at the Ontario College of Art and Design University's Strategic Innovation Lab.

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